Sky news narrative on the upcoming nov30 strike

It is just under a week until the proto fascist union strikes take place nationwide, here is our correspondent left v right spindoctor dave with his report.

Hello and the day is allmost upon us when the fools join the unwashed in london, leaving behind the poor children to fend for themselves, they leave their posts in hospitals to further their own gains.

You have and will continue to see us play the public off against the private sector in a bid to discourage all from having their own voice. Humans being the fickle creatures they are will become jealous that the private sector has better pay then the private (not by much). X factor viewers will loathe those out on the streets demanding fairness, seeing the what the government is doing and not agreeing with it. I would say that if the private sector took as much care and attention the unions do over their pay, pensions and working conditions then they might have a job worth doing, or maybe not as they all disappear offshore to foreign types who take peanuts and dust as pay.

But you can ignore that, we must not agree with the strikes as it involves thinking for yourself, if you think this part of government policy is bad it is likely you will begin to see the other injustices in the system and we cant have that can we.

protesting is bad for the economy, forget people we dont care about you anymore, the economy is paramount. So too are the bonds and dividends created out of numbers on a screen to induce the global meltdown.

If you are not working for less and less then our plans cannot go ahead, we need you to spend what little you have after the government and banks have had their pick on silly shit you dont need. We changed your “labour” into “income” and we now take at least 20% of it all, hows that working for you scum?

Then we took away commodity money and gave you worthless paper money which acts as debt and tax tokens hahahhaa, and you x factor types let this happen.

So, hate the teachers, hate the nurses and doctors who take care of you for doing this, how dare they demand that their pay be cut, how dare they be angry at working longer for less. Forget that you let yourself get this poor in your ignorance and hate hate hate. Oppose it with your life!!!! There is no people, no community, no humanity, only the paradime that is the left and the right, its a wonderful system that keeps you all stoooooopid.

War is peace, Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.


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